God forbid that I should limit the time of acquiring faith to the present life. In the depth of the Divine mercy, there may be an opportunity to win it in the future
Martin Luther, 1522

General Lutheran Institute of Pastoral Ministry​​​
The Rev. Nicole Aimiee Macaluso Collins
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The General Lutheran Institute of Pastoral Ministry provides a free program of study to all who wish ordination as a General Lutheran. The full course of study will be required for all who lack any bible college or seminary training. Those with bible college or seminary training will have their course of study tailored to make up for any deficiencies in order to meet the requirements for ordination. 

Applicants must apply for ordination and be approved before allowed to enter the Institute of Pastoral Ministry. Ordination will then be contingent upon meeting all academic qualifications.

The courses are taught by qualified faculty who all hold degrees from institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education or hold accredited status in their respective countries. This is not a degree-granting institution. We only offer certificates of completion. 

Non-ministerial candidates may enroll in the Institute once a payment agreement has been arranged between the prospective student and the instructor. The Institute is not involved in the arrangement nor receives any monies from the prospective student.

Courses with asterisks are required of all ministerial candidates.

Systematic Theology I
    The Triune God, Robert Jensen
    The Works of God, Robert Jensen

Systematic Theology II
     * Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church for the First 500 Years, J. W. Hanson
     * Universalism and the Bible: The Really Good News, Keith DeRose

Pastoral Counseling
      Christian Counseling, Gary Collins
      Psychology of Counseling, Clyde Narramore
      The Star Book for Pastoral Counseling, Jason Richard Curry

Pastoral Theology
      The Lutheran Pastor, George Henry Gerberding
     * Elements of Popular Theology, Samuel Simon Schmucker

The Lutheran Confessions
      The Book of Concord
      Justification by Faith— A Matter of Death and Life, Gerhard O. Forde

      Where God Meets Man, Luther’s Down-To-Earth Approach to the Gospel, Gerhard O. Forde

Lutheran History
      Luther: Biography of a Reformer, Frederick Nohl
      A History of Lutheranism, Eric W. Gritsch
     * American Lutheranism Vindicated, Samuel Simon Schmucker

     * Life and Times of Rev. S. S Schmucker, D. D., Peter Arnstadt

Biblical Languages
      Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew, Jeff A. Benner
      New Testament Greek for Beginners, J. Gresham Machen 

Biblical Language Electives
      Classical Aramaic Elementary Book I, Rocco Errico and Michael Bazzi
      The Message of Matthew: An Annotated Parallel Aramaic-English Gospel of Matthew, Rocco Errico
      The New Syriac Primer, George Anton Kiraz

The Rev. Dr. Andres Ayala - - Greek and Hebrew

The Rev. Dr. James Walter Clifton - - Pastoral Counseling (Narramore), Pastoral Theology, Lutheran History, Syriac/Aramaic

The Rev. Nicole A. M. Collins - - Systematic Theology I, The Lutheran Confessions

The Rev. Dr. Enrique R. Ramos - - Systematic Theology II

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Schwartz - - Pastoral Counseling (Christian Counseling)

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